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It was a dark stormy night… ok it wasn’t dark, stormy or even night, but our founder, Dr. Brian Parks, was having a rough day. As a defense contractor for our lovely USA, he was given the chance to pursue a doctorate (as if having a family, full time job and a handful of rescue pups wasn’t enough to tie up his time). Being the mad scientist that he is *creepy ominous chuckle*, he went the route of genetic forensics. Having just learned that his initial dissertation proposal was rejected (we later released it as YK-11 on this site), he did what any self-respecting gym rat would do in a time of trepidation… he went to find comfort in the cabinets of the kitchen. He opened the cabinet doors and looked up; staring back at him the labels of a dozen or so whey proteins. Each label touting a claim; some that they will provide the same taste stimulus as indulging in a cinnamon roll, others that they are the perfect blend of aminos and so on. You see, the Doctor’s wife could not stand to have the same flavor and who could blame her for not wanting to choke down a clumpy artificially sweetened protein shake? In that moment, he stood there gazing up, he was confronted with the solution to his wife’s, and let’s be honest most anyone who has had a protein shake, dilemma. And so, he set out to map a solution that would result in an odorless and tasteless protein. What he got, was even better; what he got has shaken the foundations of the nutrition world. Genepro, our flagship product, was derived as an odorless, tasteless, highly soluble protein that absorbs 300% better than whey isolates. Genepro is the only protein on the market with little to no gastric impact; making it safe for fitness fanatics, gym rats, geriatric patients, those with compromised immune systems and humans in general. Literally, starting with big blue barrels of grass-fed Wisconsin whey, Genepro, being delivered to his home garage in sunny NC for distribution back in March 2014; to now offering over 100 products that stay true to our quest for quality, innovation and improved nutritional value. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to trust in the greater plan of the events unfolding in your life. We are putting the passion back into the supplement industry and making your fitness our business.



COO & Founder

Dr. Brian M. Parks is the COO and Founder of MuscleGen Research, Inc. He started the company in 2014 with only one product, that product being the revolutionary GENEPRO Medical Grade Protein. Now, MuscleGen has over 100 products to be your one stop shop for all of your medical and performance nutrition needs. Prior to starting MuscleGen, Dr. Parks worked for over 17 years in the government counter intel/counter terrorism field. “Seeing the very worst of what people can be, has instilled a passion to do something different, something where we can make a positive impact on people’s daily lives and this is the sole reason we started this company (MuscleGen Research)”. Brian received his Master’s in Business Administration from Trinity College and University and went on to receive his PHD in Genetic Bio-Science from Canterbury University while working for various government contractors. Prior to working in the intel space, Brian played minor league professional football for seven season and prior to that he turned pro as a full contact fighter at the age of 16 and won his first of three world titles at the age of 19. Brian holds four black belts, a third degree in Tae Kwon Do, a third degree in Shotokan and 2nd degrees in Aikido and Hapkido. Dr. Parks has turned his passion of fitness and his love for science into a company that is reinventing what the nutrition industry is. Dr. Parks oversees the daily operations of the company as well as being the head scientist in charge of research and development of current and new products.


Vice President

Zac Cain is the Vice President of MuscleGen Research, Inc.  He comes to us from the Health and Fitness industry with over a decade of experience.  His strong skills in sales, operations, and cross-generational leadership made for a perfect transition into the MuscleGen family and the nutrition industry.  "I have an aggressive passion for what I do.  Its amazing to hear the stories we do about how we saved somebody's life or just simply helped get them the confidence they needed to be happy."  Zac has been with MuscleGen from the beginning and has been a pivotal part of our success.  "When I first met Brian and he told about his vision, there was no doubt in mind this is where I was meant to be.  We are making a serious splash and have no plans of slowing down."


Vice President of Business Development Southeast Region

Greetings, my name is Ron Fripp I’m a born and raised Floridian who has always had a passion for living a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle. Since I can remember I’ve been involved in sports and sports related activities such as weight lifting. Following high school I adventured off to junior college where I continued my pursuit for a Division One baseball scholarship that was short lived due to a minor shoulder injury. After sustaining my shoulder injury I decided that it was time for me to move on and actually contribute to society. So after meeting with every branch service recruiter I decided that I would join the Air Force as a Pararescue Jumper otherwise known as a PJ. After two grueling years of the selection process and attending schools all over the U.S. I finally graduated in September of 1997. My love and dedication for fitness helped me survive the intensive selection process which carried one of the highest attrition rates in the Department of Defense at around 75%. In the beginning of my Special Operations career my physical training only intensified as my burning desire to stand out among the “Tip of the Spear men” only increased. This is where I started educating myself about different types of physical, functional, and heart rate zone training. I started researching supplements to increase my gains and recovery time as I learned to tie all the pieces together in the fitness industry to increase my physical performance. I was able to accomplish and complete my AS degree, multiple leadership courses, personal training certification, and Paramedic license during my time serving our nation. Every PJ has an extensive background in combat emergency medicine which enhanced my knowledge base of anatomy and physiology resulting in an increase in my personal physical conditioning and performance. Following my 10 years of active duty time I continued to follow my passion and dreams of the fitness industry by opening my own personal training business, Extreme Fitness which eventually grew large enough in staff and profits to acquire my own full-service fitness center, Phoenix Performance Fitness Center. During my military time I was introduced to an amazing man named Brian Parks who I quickly realized was one of those men who had incredible drive, determination, and tenacity. Little did I know that we would grow to become family and eventually business partners. This is where I began my journey with MuscleGen and MedfitRx which are two very exceptional companies bringing you the next level of performance products. Thank you for your support and taking the time to read my bio.


Vice President & Director of Sales and Business Development Southwest Region

Nathan Wynn is Vice President and Director of Sales and Business Development for the Southwest Region. He graduated from Labette Community College as a baseball player with degrees in Physical Education and Pre-Law / Political Science. He attended St. Andrew's Presbyterian College on a baseball scholarship; where he earned a degree in Sports Medicine with a special emphasis in Sports Management. Since graduating college Nathan has enjoyed serving the youth in his community as a baseball, football and soccer coach as well as serving his community  a a firefighter. His interests also include recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, weightlifting, motocross and Muay Thai. Nathan currently resides in Fate, TX just outside of the Dallas metroplex.


Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Samantha is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and she comes to our team with a background in marketing, sales and biology; lending to her ability to help our products reach new markets and to foster outside of the box innovations. A self proclaimed fitness addict, Sam actively practices Crossfit, Olympic lifting, long distance running and NPC figure competitions. Samantha is also in charge of our MedFit division as liaison to the franchise owners.


Sales Director Northeast Region

Bob Humphreys has been a successful small business owner for the last 23 years. A longtime friend of Dr. Brian Parks, he was introduced to the MuscleGen line in its infancy. Over the last several years he has developed a newer and stronger love for the fitness industry than he has ever had before. While enjoying his current company, he has realize he has way more passion for the MuscleGen family of products. Having personally use these products over the years and seen the immense differences in his own personal physique and health, it was easy to see how he had to become a part of the MuscleGen family. Bob is now sales director of the northeast region at MuscleGen Research.